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Don’t get caught on thin ice!

January 30th, 2013 by James Hood

When is it safe to go out on the ice?

ice-fishingWell, here is an ice safety guide tip from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC)

Ice Thickness = Permissible Load
2 inches = One person on foot
3 inches = Group in single file
7.5 inches = One car (2 tons)
8 inches = Light truck (2.5 tons)
10 inches = Truck (3.5 tons)
12 inches = Heavy truck (7-8 tons)
15 inches = 10 tons

But… better safe than sorry.

Winter in Lake George and the Adirondacks

January 4th, 2013 by James Hood

The big tourist season for Lake George runs from late May to mid-October… but I’ll let you in on a secret: Winter might be more fun than summer. Sure, it can get pretty cold, but the daytime temps usually don’t get much below 20 degrees on average. What makes winter so wonderful is the fluffy white stuff: SNOW! Just the sound of the word might make some people think of shoveling the driveway. But it can also mean off-the-charts fun!

Skiing (downhill and cross-country), snowmobiling, snow tubing, snowshoeing… Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

You don’t need to own expensive equipment. You can rent pretty much anything you need to take part in these awesome activities.

It’s great fun for the whole family – from toddlers to seniors.

Rates are lower in the winter than in summer and it’s a lot less crowded. Yes, many of the restaurants and shops are closed, but there are plenty of great restaurants open year-round and the factory outlet stores are open year-round as well. The only thing you’re really missing is the snack shacks and t-shirt/souvenir shops.

The Fort William Henry Hotel is located at the southern tip of Lake George – just off the Northway I87. We are the perfect and most convenient jumping off point for all winter activities in the Adirondacks.

For downhill skiing, there’s West Mountain just minutes to the south. There’s Gore Mountain just 45 minutes north. Hickory Ski Center just 20 minutes to the north.

For cross-country skiing, there’s Crandall Park just south in Glens Falls. There’s Garnet Hill a little further north from Gore Mountain.

Snow tubing is really big now and about as cost-effective as it gets for family fun. Great tubing runs can be found at West Mountain and at Tubby Tubes Outdoor Fun Park. Both are minutes from FWH. Both have groomed tubing runs, with snowmaking and lights for night tubing. They have tubes already there, so all you need to do is dress warmly.

Snowmobilers love us. There’s the Southern Warren County trail system less than a stone’s throw away. There are miles and miles of trails to the east in Washington County and to the west in Old Forge. You can rent snowmobiles and even take guided tours. We like the guided tour up Prospect Mountain through Extreme Off Road Sports right here in Lake George.

The Lake George Winter Carnival takes place each year – every weekend in February. There’s an ice castle, entertainment, great food/drink… and, if the lake freezes enough, you can walk out on the lake and watch motorcycle/ATV races as well as the famous Outhouse Races.

For the hearty, outdoorsy types, you can try snowshoeing up the many mountains around Lake George. Some good ones are Pilot Knob, Cat Mountain and at Up Yonda Farm in Bolton which also has a nice museum with wildlife displays.

Tons of fun things to do, less expensive, no crowds… What’s not to love about winter in Lake George?!!

Make the most of your Lake George vacation

December 11th, 2012 by James Hood

Want a friendly tip to make your Lake George vacation as memorable as possible? That’s easy! Just remember this simple phrase: “It’s all about the view.”

There are lots of things to do in Lake George and the Adirondacks, but there is really one main reason why so many people visit here. Say it with me: “It’s all about the view.” The sapphire blue water of the lake. The thick green forests on the mountainsides giving way to rocky summits. No matter where you are (for the most part), the view is spectacular.

Now. Keep this in mind when booking your stay and planning your activities.

First, stay at the Fort William Henry Hotel. Self-serving? A little. However, we have 18 acres of landscaped grounds and hands-down the best view of Lake George.

When making your reservation, ask for a “Lakeview” room. One side of the hotel faces the lake. The other faces away from the lake and looks south. Ask for a room on an upper floor of the Grand Hotel – 3, 4 or 5. The higher, the better. Again, this picture shows the view from a Lakeview room on the 5th floor.


Next tip: Know what type of room you are booking.

The Grand Hotel is the newest of the 3. It is the largest and has the nicest rooms. It also has the highest rates but it is worth it.Here at the Fort William Henry Hotel, we have 3 buildings: Grand Hotel, Premium East Wing and Standard West Motel.

The Premium East Wing is a 2-story, interior hallway building. The rooms are still quite nice. Again, ask for a Lakeview room. The view of the lake is still spectacular. There is no elevator in this section. If you have a lot of bags or a stroller, you may want to get a room on the first floor.

The Standard West Motel is a 2-story, exterior access building. The kind you may have stayed in for vacations when you were a kid. The rooms have been remodeled with new furniture but it still has an older feel to it. Some people are more put off by this than others. Decide which type of person you are. The rates for this building are the lowest of the three buildings. Again, ask for Lakeview. This building is close to the outdoor pool. Some of our most loyal, come every summer guests prefer the Standard West for this reason. You can sit on the patio right outside your room and watch your kids splash in the pool. There is no elevator for this building either so keep that in mind as well.

So, when booking your stay with us, you need to factor the rates into your budget, but one thing is always free: (Everybody together) It’s all about the view. Lakeview. Lakeview. Lakeview.

What you do for activities during your stay is up to you. Steamboat ride? Great views. Hiking? Great views. You see what I mean?