Mud Season Madness

“Mud season” is the in-between season when the high country trails are covered in snow, and many of the lowland trails are muddy with melting snow. It’s not quite time for summer sports yet, and skiing isn’t the best either. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to explore the outdoors in Lake George. Plenty of adventure awaits before summer fun begins.

Your home base is The Fort William Henry Hotel. Experience the scenic 18-acre estate spanning the entire southern shore at the base of Lake George. The superb accommodations, exceptional service, cuisine, and world-class views are a perfect way to bookend each day.

Bring your bike. Mud season is road biking season too. While muddy trails are bad news for mountain bikes, as the bikes can leave deep, damaging ruts in their wake, the detailed network of pathways around town and in outlying areas offers ample opportunities to get out and bike on pavement.

Mud season also presents opportunities to see the region with just your own two feet—no need for a bike. Hiking begins this time of year. The high-country trails may still have snow, but some lowland hiking trails start to clear out during mud season. It is called “mud season” for a reason, though, so be prepared for ice, slush, puddles, and mud if you head out. Be aware of trail conditions and avoid deep, wet mud since footsteps sink in, damaging the trail and leaving deep, hazardous holes behind.

Spring is an excellent time for wildlife-watching in the Adirondacks. Hiking is a favorite way to get out and about and have a chance of spotting a local animal, and Adirondack Park is a great place to start.

Trails to Try During Mud Season

Of course, the melting snows also mean whitewater rafting season is just around the corner. Most outfitters begin their trips in mid-May, but some experienced locals ride the local whitewater ahead of those crowds. Stay tuned for our roundup of local whitewater experiences.